The SU Woordfees Short Story Anthology has become a literary institution.

The first SU Woordfees short story anthology, Blywas published in 2016. Since then, four similar collections have seen the light of day. All five anthologies have been well supported by writers and the reading public and have received excellent reviews.

Experienced publishing editor, Suzette Kotzé-Myburgh, has been the convenor of the selection committee since the first anthology. She explains what makes this project such a unique and distinctive undertaking in the landscape of Afrikaans literature:

"The SU Woordfees short story anthology is unique in that both new and established writers contribute on equal footing. This happens because the selection process is entirely anonymous, which levels the playing field for all participants. In fact, since the establishment of the main prize of R30 000, sponsored by Du Toitskloof Wines, each of the four winners has been a debut writer. In addition, all writers whose works are published in the anthology each receive R5 000 – a generous award when compared to similar publications." 

“When we started this project, festival director, Saartjie Botha, envisioned that each anthology would deliver a rich compendium of short stories that would serve as an annual record of the spirit of the times. And that is what has happened. Despite a diverse assortment of themes, the anthology always emerges with a core theme without any form of prescription on the part of the publishers. As a result, the Woordfees Short Story Anthology does indeed serve as a valuable perspective on the signs of our times as seen through the creative insights of writers who depict our shared reality.”

This project has special significance for the Toyota SU Woordfees Director, Saartjie Botha: “The Woordfees began as a literary festival, and words and writers are still the heart of our programme. The anthology is an extension of that and also an attempt to ensure that the observer and recorder – which is what our writers often are – are visible in our year and festival programmes.

“We are proud of the rich harvest of voices and stories that this project delivers and await the new anthology with great anticipation.”

Toyota US Woordfees | Woordfeeskortverhaalbundel

2020 winner: Marie Toerien

Toyota US Woordfees | Woordfeeskortverhaalbundel

2019 winner: Hendie Grobbelaar

With financial support from kykNET, Enrique Grobbelaar’s short story “Binnelandse Sake” was adpated into a short film which was screened at the 2019 kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival.

Toyota US Woordfees | Woordfeeskortverhaalbundel

2018 winner: Clari Niemand

With financial support from kykNET, Niemand’s winning short story, “Non(Kompos)Mentis”, was adpated into a short film which was screened at the 2018 kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival.

Toyota US Woordfees | Woordfeeskortverhaalbundel

2017 winner: Michèle Meyer

With financial support from kykNET, Meyer’s winning short story, “Langsaan”, was adpated into a short film which was screened at the 2017 kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival.

Toyota US Woordfees | Woordfeeskortverhaalbundel

An overall winner was not chosen in 2016.

The main prize was established in 2017 when Du Toitskloof Wines took on sponsorship of the prize money.


Each year the anthology has a limited print run and copies are available for sale only at the Toyota SU Woordfees. The 2021 anthology, as well as remaining copies of the previous five anthologies, will be available on Takealot.

The 2021 Woordfees Short Story Anthology will be launched at the Toyota SU Woordfees (17-24 September). The winner will be announced at the launch.

Each writer will receive one free author’s copy at the launch. Books will be couriered to writers unable to attend the vent. The courier costs will be borne by the writer.

Applications are scheduled to open in mid-July 2021. Please keep an eye on the media and the Woordfees digital platforms for announcements in this regard.

US Woordfeeskortverhaal-bundelkompetisie – reëls en riglyne vir inskrywings

Slegs Afrikaanse kortverhale sal vir dié bundel oorweeg word.

Die kompetisie is oop vir alle skrywers. Werknemers en familielede van Du Toitskloof Wyne en/of die Toyota US Woordfees word nie toegelaat om deel te neem nie.

Slegs een inskrywing van 1 500 tot 3 000 woorde word per skrywer aanvaar.

Verhale moet nuutgeskryf wees en nie voorheen op enige platform gepubliseer wees nie.

Kopiereg van die verhale berus by die skrywers, maar kopiereg van die bundel setel in die Toyota US Woordfees. Indien verhale wat in die bundel verskyn later ook elders gepubliseer word, moet dit geskied met skriftelike kennisgewing aan die Toyota US Woordfees sowel as volledige erkenning met publikasie.

Keuring word streng anoniem gedoen. Die skrywer se naam en kontakbesonderhede moet op die aanlyn inskrywingsvorm ingevul word, maar NIE by die verhaal ingesluit word nie. Slegs die titel moet duidelik sigbaar boaan die verhaal verskyn, ten einde anonieme keuring te verseker.

Verhale moet in MS Word-formaat aangebied word en elke bladsy moet genommer wees. Gebruik SLEGS die titel van die verhaal as titel van die dokument (file name). Let wel: Geen PDF’s sal aanvaar word nie.
Indien daar enige blatante verwysing na die skrywer in die verhaal gemaak word waaruit beoordelaars sy/haar identiteit kan aflei, sal die verhaal summier gediskwalifiseer word.

Verhale sal geredigeer word voor publikasie, met goedkeuring daarvan deur die skrywer.

Hoewel die bundel die feestema as titel sal hê, hoef skrywers dit nie as tema vir die verhaal te gebruik nie. Die tema van die verhaal word geheel en al aan die skrywer oorgelaat.

Daar sal ongeveer 25 verhale vir die bundel gekies word. Die skrywers wie se verhale in die bundel opgeneem word, sal elkeen ’n eenmalige betaling van R5 000 ontvang, terwyl die skrywer van die wenverhaal R30 000 ontvang.