Photos: Ouma Ossewania praat vuil

In our current democracy Ouma Ossewania praat vuil provides echoes of discord. Ouma Ossewania, well over 100 years old (and certainly older than the ANC), is waiting for her famous daughter to visit her at the retirement home, but Evita doesn’t appear. Ouma Ossewania reflects on her life with anger and humour. She once believed that apartheid was the will of the Almighty, but she has since found out that this was not true. Did she waste her whole life on a lie? Will the current rainbow nation offer something better? Ouma Ossewanie uses her beloved Afrikaans in all its passion and without excuses: “I never swear when I talk; only when I think.” This is not for those who are scared of words. 

Photographer: Lindsey Appolis

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