Photos: Jakkals & Wolf Onbeperk

Jakkals en Wolf Onbeperk shines a humorous and contemporary light on the well-known animal stories that have formed part of our treasury of local tales for more than a hundred years. These beloved stories are given new life when Jakkals, Wolf and a few other animals invite a TV crew to make a reality show about them. 

With: Kabous Meiring, Wahnice du Toit, Robert Hindley, Cantona James, Veronique Jephtas, Ané Koegelenberg, Melissa Myburgh, Alistair Seymour, Nisa Smit, Devonecia Swartz, Wian Taljaard, Frazer Barry, Deniel Barry, Breyten Treurnicht

Photographer: Stefan Els & Natalie Gabriels

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